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I'm really enjoying it - it allows me
to learn, get better and pay it forward

Helen, Mentor

Become a mentor

Who you are

Our mentors are executive and senior leaders from businesses from all sectors and of all sizes who want to develop their leadership skills through mentoring whilst also giving their time to support and make a positive impact within education. The main criteria we look for are your motivation to support others and your leadership experience, and the qualities needed for our mentors are an open mind, curiosity and commitment to giving your time for an hour a month for nine months.


We also partner with individual businesses who provide groups of leaders to participate as mentors on our mentorship programme. For more information, visit our Partners page.

What training & support you will have

You will be provided with initial training, our Inspiring Partnerships programme guide and ongoing support throughout the programme.

The online training takes place before the sessions commence and will cover:


  • Insight into challenges in education and school leaders' context
  • Guidance on mentoring best practices


The Inspiring Partnerships programme guide includes support and a framework to use for the mentoring sessions. Throughout the programme, we will provide ongoing support and will have regular check ins with you to get feedback and ensure everything is going well.

Who you will mentor

You will be mentoring senior school leaders who are part of a school’s Senior Leadership Team.


We focus on leaders from schools in areas of disadvantage. Some school leaders will be new in post and others will be aspiring to the next stage in their career. Others may be experienced leaders who want to take their leadership to the next level.


The things that all of our school leaders have in common is their desire to step back, know themselves better as a leader and gain a different perspective.

How you sign up

If you are interested in joining our programme and becoming a mentor, then contact us by completing and submitting the form below. We will be in contact with you to arrange an initial discussion to understand your interest in becoming a mentor and your suitability.


Some of our cohorts are either funded or sponsored by corporate partners, and others are open programmes, therefore a programme fee may also be required - please contact us to find out more.



Become a mentor

What our mentors say

"Each conversation brings something out for me in terms of my own leadership."

– Yapincak, Business Owner, mentoring Shereka, a new Headteacher

"It’s been great to get more insight into what leadership and management is like in a new setting."

– Sam, Founder and Director, mentoring Tom, an Assistant Headteacher

"There's a clear transferability of leadership skills across sectors - the context is different but the challenges are the same."

– Emma, Chief Revenue Officer, mentoring Helen, a Headteacher

"I get to help him multiply his positive effect into a school which is really rewarding, and will be great for the school too."

– James, Business Owner, mentoring Jay, a Senior Vice Principal


When does it start and what is the time commitment?


Our nine month online programme runs twice a year - from February to November and/or from October to May.

Your time commitment will be:


See Our Programme page for more detailed information about the programme.


What do I have to do as a mentor?


As a mentor you will:



What makes a good mentor?


You will have held leadership roles in your career. You will have had leadership training and be experienced in leading teams through change. You will want to improve their/your own leadership excellence through mentoring someone from a different context.


I don't have any experience in education or mentoring, does this matter?


No, it doesn't matter that you don't have any previous experience in education or mentoring.


We are looking for mentors who will be curious, ask good questions and listen effectively to help the school leader develop their leadership skills. This focus on leadership and the space to reflect is what makes our programme unique and effective. We provide training and support for our mentors throughout the programme.


Do I already have to be linked with a school or do you do that for me?


We match business leaders with school leaders so we will do that for you. We focus on leaders from schools in areas of disadvantage.


However, if you already have a relationship with a school and would like to mentor a school leader we can facilitate that for you.