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"We’ve put in place new things to help prepare our children for the world of work - I’d never have done this without his insight."

Andi Silvain,

Headteacher, School 360



Sarah Caton

Sarah Caton

Chief Executive Officer,

Inspiration for All

There is an urgent need to increase social mobility, and to do this we must act on a systemic level. That’s why we work with leaders of institutions who have the position to influence outcomes and opportunities for thousands of young people from lower socio-economic groups.


Our impact data consistently shows that when we work together at a leadership level we can radically improve outcomes and opportunities for underserved young people. When school leaders are confident and empowered they can drive change and improve results in schools. Giving their time to work with schools creates champions of social mobility in business leaders, encouraging them to drive change in their organisations, so people from different backgrounds can thrive.

Join us as we advance social mobility together.



We measure outcomes at three levels: Connect, Improve, Transform


CONNECT graphic


Leaders appreciate the connection with a peer from another sector


of school leaders valued the connection with a business leader


of business leaders valued the connection with a school leader

"Carving out space to talk about leadership with a professional woman who does not offer judgement, criticism or targets - a genuine listener. Refreshing to know that across different realms, we experience similar challenges."

Rebecca Hickey OBE

Secondary Director, The Harris Federation

"Personally, being a part of this programme has given me a fresh perspective on leadership and a renewed sense of purpose in contributing to society. I have been fortunate to work with an inspiring school leader partner and have learned so much from their experiences."

Pooja Shah

Director, EY

IMPROVE graphic


Leaders improve their skills and confidence, empowering people around them


of school leaders developed their leadership skills


of business leaders developed their leadership skills

"Having been on the programme this year, it's helped me develop so much as a leader and by the end of the year be in a much more confident and secure place than I was at the beginning."

Raeanne Meade

Assistant Headteacher, The Petchey Academy, Hackney

"I learned the art of delegation. Her approach to managing a large team helped me let go of control while ensuring things were done properly, which significantly lightened my workload and empowered my team."

Sophie Exton

School Improvement Leader, Greenshaw Learning Trust

"This programme is really helpful to give you different perspectives of what works in different environments, and that can really accelerate your learning as a leader."

Paula Digby

Partner, EY



Leaders create change in their organisations, enhancing outcomes and opportunities for young people


of school leaders are now more likely to stay in a school leadership role


of business leaders are now more vocal advocates for social mobility in their organisation

"I've been a Head for a while and was slightly in the doldrums. This program has reinvigorated me. I think anyone can learn new things, and having that objectivity from someone passionate about children's education is crucial."

Caroline Welch

Headteacher, Stanwell Fields CE Primary School

"My understanding of social mobility issues has increased. Leaders in schools that serve the lowest socio-economic groups have a much broader range of issues to deal with, and support around coaching and mentoring helps to elevate individuals even further."

Paula Digby

Partner, EY

"Very positive that as a firm we are taking it seriously and we want to do something positive about social mobility. I think this is a good and influential way of impacting it. So for me, it's a very positive aspect of the brand and culture of KPMG."

Samir Anand

Director, KPMG



237 PARTNERSHIPS between school leaders and business leaders
153 SCHOOLS serving the most deprived postcodes
36% of students on free school meals on average
98,673 STUDENTS reached, delivering social impact at scale
52 MULTI-ACADEMY TRUSTS, investing in their leaders

"I don’t want it to end! I really enjoyed the experience with regards to talking to another senior leader, I’m intrigued with learning and sharing different practices and that’s been really beneficial."

School Leader

54 locations in the most deprived postcodes



Building Effective Teams

Building Effective Teams

Strategy Creation and Implementation

Strategy Creation and Implementation

Leading Change

Leading Change

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Effective Delegation

Effective Delegation



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Roisin Murphy And Roisin SharkeyRoisin Murphy And Roisin Sharkey

"KPMG is committed to driving social mobility and improving outcomes for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our partnership with Inspiration for All brilliantly helps us towards this aim. As a people business we know we have the most impact when we harness the skills and enthusiasm of our colleagues. This programme enables us to do that and achieve positive change for the communities that need our support."

Roisin Murphy And Roisin Sharkey

Directors and Co-Heads of Corporate Responsibility, KPMG UK

Joe Guy

"The Inspiring Partnerships programme brings the outside in - experiences in other sectors are more analogous to education than we first thought. There’s a lot to learn from each other. The programme is a great way of providing resources and experiences to school leaders on their own terms in a way that best suits them."

Joe Guy

Chief Talent Officer, Academies Enterprise Trust

Andrew Boucher

"The work done by Inspiration for All reaches across the highest levels of leadership in business and education and brings about change at scale. Starting at the top is a fantastic model for all those committed to making change happen and the impact we see through this programme shows just what can be achieved when sectors work in collaboration, bringing schools and business together to open minds and opportunities."

Andrew Boucher

Founder, Employers’ Social Mobility Alliance


Our theory of change is based on the Business for Societal Impact framework


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