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Inspiring Partnerships

We create partnerships between schools and businesses to inspire leaders and transform futures

Delivered in a safe and trusting space, designed to fit around tight and demanding schedules, and tailored to the needs of our participants, our Inspiring Partnerships programme builds:

Genuine partnerships


We create genuine partnerships between school leaders and business leaders so they can learn from each other and grow their leadership skills and confidence.

Leadership excellence


We work with ambitious senior leaders who want to be the best they can be and who are willing to try new approaches to develop their leadership excellence.

Empowered leaders


This programme is shaped around the leaders and their leadership needs, wherever they are, empowering them to lead even more effectively.

Respectful relationships


Our participants will develop a trusting relationship with their partner so they have a safe place to share and develop.

Inspiring Partnerships Programme


Duration: 9 months


Mentoring sessions: One hour per month for 9 months, at a time and on a day agreed by both the participants


Three start dates: February to December, May to March and November to June


Delivered: Face to face or online, depending on your preference and your match




  • Matching school leaders with business leaders
  • Full training to prepare for success
  • Facilitated first meeting between matches
  • Our Inspiring Partnerships Programme Guide to give structure and resources
  • Ongoing support throughout the programme for both participants

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How the programme works

Kick off


Participants get in touch & organise an initial meeting within two weeks of matching.

Sessions 1 and 2


Scoping: discuss expectations, boundaries, logistics and agree goals.

Sessions 3 to 8


Navigation and progress towards goals. Session 5 to include a midway check in.

Session 9


Closing the partnership: identify learnings - new behaviours, new thinking.

What people are saying

"It has changed my practice, giving time without a big agenda to bounce ideas off each other. It provides a different set of eyes, a different way of thinking and helps you develop."

– Marcus, a Headteacher, matched with Steve, a Chief Operating Officer

"This is the first time in 20 yrs of being in education that I had the proper opportunity to sit back and reflect on key elements of the job in a non threatening environment, and think clearly."

– Helen, a Headteacher, matched with Emma, a Chief Revenue Officer